the music gallery

Established in 2011, The Music Gallery is BSO Band's biggest annual event that incorporates both music and the visual arts creating a grand festival for the celebration and love of music. 


The Music Gallery provides musical performances from impressive musicians and art exhibitions with a fresh new theme each year, with submissions from local artists presented in a creative and inventive fashion. The event aims to become a celebration of the arts, developing arts through both audio and visuals.


Every year, The Music Gallery continues to grow as is visible from its lineup, concept, audiences, and experience as a whole, never failing to fascinate individuals through both audio and visuals.

this year's theme:

an unspoken euphony

After a decade, The 11th Music Gallery chooses the theme "An Unspoken Euphony," Every sound and harmony that we listen creates with passion and has a powerful and emotional meaning implicitly. Different musicians, artists, genres, and live performance concepts have a special reason for their creations. Henceforth, by focusing on the meaning behind every creation, The 11th Music Gallery designs a memorable music festival that people can remarkably enjoy. 


Taking visual inspiration from Beale Street, a historic and valuable street in Downtown Memphis, known for Home of the Blues, The 11th Music Gallery portrays the local independent music as a treasure with hidden but valuable meaning. The 11th Music Gallery intends to present and expose these precious artists to a wider audience so that they will understand their music. By visualising the event with the historical landmark Beale Street, The 11 th Music Gallery can surely enhance each meaning of different artwork from musicians and artists.