The Music Gallery

Established in 2011, The Music Gallery is BSO Band's biggest annual event that incorporates both music and the visual arts creating a grand festival for the celebration and love of music. 


The Music Gallery provides musical performances from impressive musicians and art exhibitions with a fresh new theme each year, with submissions from local artists presented in a creative and inventive fashion. The event aims to become a celebration of the arts, developing arts through both audio and visuals.


Every year, The Music Gallery continues to grow as is visible from its lineup, concept, audiences, and experience as a whole, never failing to fascinate individuals through both audio and visuals.

This year's theme:
A Virtuous Harmony

The theme "A Virtuous Harmony" was chosen by the 12th Music Gallery  because "virtuous" means "righteous" or "morally right," and "harmony" means "many voices combining into one beautiful sound," thus "A Virtuous Harmony" refers to a group of voices that follow the utopian moral ideals. This name represents our theme for this year, which is that The 12th Music Gallery facilitates us as humans from varied origins must put our egos aside and come together to appreciate each other through music and art.


As a result, we want to support musicians who have been impacted by covid by raising funds for them and uniting together to celebrate their existence, because the world of Indonesian music would not be what it is today if they did not exist. We want to focus on how we can collaborate to demonstrate that we care about not only the Indonesian music industry, but also the Indonesian art sector.


We will also provide a platform for these artists to share their emotions and aspirations, with the objective of each of us realizing that our differences do not prevent us from joining and making peace with one another. This year, we hope to showcase what is going on in the Indonesian art industry. As a result, we decided to create the 12th Music Gallery music performance, a storyline about what transpired in the Indonesian art industry.