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The Music Gallery

Established in 2011, The Music Gallery is BSO Band's biggest annual event that incorporates both music and the visual arts creating a grand festival for the celebration and love of music. 


The Music Gallery provides musical performances from impressive musicians and art exhibitions with a fresh new theme each year, with submissions from local artists presented in a creative and inventive fashion. The event aims to become a celebration of the arts, developing arts through both audio and visuals.


Every year, The Music Gallery continues to grow as is visible from its lineup, concept, audiences, and experience as a whole, never failing to fascinate individuals through both audio and visuals.

This year's theme:
Continuum of Tones

The name Continuum of Tones is a conclusion of music revolution and evolution in the eyes and ears of the youth, with a purpose for the young people to appreciate how different the era’s that they are experiencing now, to the past era that they have never experienced before

Our visual grand theme is taking inspiration from the legendary album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles in 1967. The cover of Sgt. Pepper would acknowledge significant influences in a visual way. In the 13th Music Gallery we will bring musicians and artists with many different influences, we visualize our theme based on the artwork of this music album.

Unite The Vibe! Is our slogan and the name of our visual grand theme. With a purpose of uniting the vibe from different audiences that enjoy music from different generations.

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