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1. Where can I purchase my tickets?
Tickets can be purchased on or via GO-TIX through the GOJEK application. Before you make a purchase, remember to read the terms and conditions!

2. Do I have to exchange my tickets?
Yes! Before entering the venue, all attendees must exchange their 12th music gallery e-tickets to wristbands. Wristband exchange begins on May 21st, 2022 at 10 a.m. at the venue.

3. How can I exchange my ticket?
Show your e-ticket that you’ve got from LOKET that has been sent through your email or whatsapp, or the barcode from the purchase via gotix. Also, bring your ID card (of the name listed on the ticket).

4. What if i’m using someone else’s ticket?
If you are using someone’s ticket, show the ID card aligned with the ticket. No need to make power of attorney. Don’tforget to show your Peduli Lindungi check in proof. 

5. What is the difference between presale, early entry, and regular tickets?
For those who bought early entry ticket, you are welcomed to enter the gate until 14.30. Later than that, you will need to buy the on the spot ticket and for those who bought presale and regular ticket, you are welcomed to enter the gate until 18.30

6. What are the festival hours?

Festival Gate Opens - 12.00

Festival Gate Closes - 18.30

7. Are there any praying rooms and food stalls in the venue?

Yes, so you don’t have to leave the venue to pray or if you’re feeling hungry.

8. Can we see the rundown?

We will post the event rundown around D-Day of the festival, so stay tuned and turn on the notification bell to our page so you won’t miss it!

9. What if we come to the venue after the appointed time?

Unfortunately, if you come to the venue late, then you can’t enter the venue. If you encounter this problem, we suggest to buy another ticket. So, make sure you come to the venue on time!

10. Will us be selling the on the spot ticket?

Correct, we will be selling the ticket on the spot at Kuningan City, 21st May

11. Are the payment there will be cashless?

Yes, the payment there will mostly be using QR code.

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