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Festival Regulation

 1. Valid identity document such as IC,Driving License,Passport, Temporary/Permanent Residence Permit shall be presented for Ticket Exchange

2. Due to Goverment Regulation, all visitors shall present Covid-19 3rd Dose Vaccine, Issued by valid health institution

3. Music Gallery is a Smoke free event, visitors are prohibited to bring, open and consuming any unsealed cigarette packs, usage of alternative product such as e-cigarette/vape that emit smokes are also prhobitied, any violation or failure to comply will be punished  accordingly to Provincial Goverment Act

4. All visitors who are equipped with DSLR, Mirrorless or any camera that has the main feature of Capture and Recording Image are expected to not to group in the center of stage to ensure an enjoyfull festival experience to all visitor
5. Visitors are prohibited to bring any object that can be used to harm others (including blunt, sharp weapon and firearm)

6. Food and Drink (invluding beverage containing alcohol) from outside festival area are prohibited

7. According to Narcotic Act, Everyone who bring, distribute, consuming narcotics can be legally processed, if you know or bring any Narcotics or Substances, please report immediately to security officer

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