Teddy Adhitya X Batavia Collective

Teddy Adhitya’s interest in music began with learning to play drums since he was 4 years old. He also became a drummer while in school, until one day he replaced his band vocalist who was then sick. From there, Teddy continued to hone his self-taught singing skills and publish them through YouTube and Soundcloud.

In 2010, Teddy made a vocal group called BoyzIIIBoys with Kunto Aji, Adera, and Beboy who then actively made videos on YouTube and successfully released hundreds of thousands of viewers. Together with Coboy Junior they also released a song called “One Smile” which then led them into the Seven Music label and produced several songs such as “Already” and “Okay”.

In 2016, Teddy tried his career independently and produced a debut single titled “In Your Wonderland” which is almost 100% a form of his personal musicality. Followed in the same year, the second single titled “Let Me” was released. Both of these singles then entered into the debut album which was successfully realized the following year with the title Nothing Is Real.