Moon Gang

Bam Mastro’s name as a musician who is a member of the band Elephant Kind, and Karaeng Adjie, who is the vocalist of Polka Wars, may already be familiar. Now, they present a new color through collaboration in the music unit, Moon Gang.

Bam and Aeng (Karaeng’s nickname) decided to form a Moon Gang that is full of solitude and self-reflection. “The music is exploratory, and has not been touched on each band’s project,” Bam explained.

Through Moon gang, Bam and Aeng formed under the auspices of Darlin ’Records said that this became a medium for both of them to produce exploratory work that was close to the nuances of the midnight conversation and the pleasure gained through self-reflection through solitude.

Moon Gang, who initially attended the jamming session, turned out to form a perfect collaboration, which gave birth to an explorative new color that had never been touched on his second music project.