This indie pop group had released their EP, Perennial, to critical acclaim. Fronted by vocalist and guitarist Ratta Bill, bassist Smita Kirana, guitarist Abi Chalabi, and drummer Ariel Kaspar, BEDCHAMBER managed to astound the indie music scene with catchy melodies and wavy, ambient instrumentations.



Widely regarded as one of the pioneers of the underground metal scene, SERINGAI has been rocking Indonesian metalheads with high octane rock and metal infused sounds since their inception in 2002. Gaining success and recognition through their debut album "Serigala Militia", you can definitely expect packed venues, stage-dives, and sing alongs in their concert.

Trees and The Wild

Trees and the Wild

Ambient, post-rock, and folk. Three words that describe THE TREES AND THE WILD the most. Started from Myspace, now the band's career is going uphill. Indonesia is not the barrier since they have flown and spread the love of music to Singapore and Malaysia, no wonder TIME magazine called them one of the must-see bands in Asia.

Polka Wars

Polka Wars

This band has recently been the frontline of Indonesian Independent Music with their most popular album "Axis Mundi" that became the spotlight through "Mokele". With their lead vocalist Karaeng, bassist Xandega, guitarist Billy and drummer Giovanni, POLKA WARS has hypnotized millions of souls with their unique yet alluring tunes of music which genre of music is closest to 2010's alternative.